Sprinkler Brass




5Pcs Garden Sprinkle Connector Thread Water Sprinkler Irrigation Spray Nozzles Watering Head Brass Lawn Garden Supplies

Copper material manufacture, the direct full coverage spray area, oblique water spray out another example is the form of rain (semi atomized) dropped on the ground, hydraulic pressure impulse effects on vegetable seedlings will not!
Agriculture, lawn, villas, industrial irrigation! Easy installation, water-saving performance is good! General use tap water type (0.75 kg -2.5 kg) low water pressure sprinkler irrigation!

Material: Brass
Technical parameters
Working pressure: 75-250KPA
Flow: 0.14-0.74 cubic meters / hour
Spray diameter: D2-7M
Product external tooth connection, connection size: 1/2″


Include: 5 x Sprinkler Brass


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