Sop 0-0-50+18s,Granular,25kg Fmc Sulfate Of Potash Potassium Sulfate Ph < 4


Active Ingredient: sulfate of potash 0 50 18 npk sop

Pack Size: 25kg



product category:    macro nutrient

active ingredient:     potassium sulphate

target crop:           cotton, wheat, potato, tobacco, orchards, vegetables & other field crop

target benefit:     supply of potash

crop dose / acre time of application
cotton 2 kg at flowering stage
wheat 2 kg booting initiation stage
potato 2 kg 65 – 70 days after germination
tobacco 2 kg 35 – 45 days after transplanting
vegetables 2 kg fruiting stage
orchards 2 kg / 100 lit water fruiting stage


key features:

sulfate of potash is ideal product for foliar application& fertigation (flooding with water)

sulfate of potash is a pure, highly concentrated, fully soluble fertilizer

sulfate of potash is highly efficient in curing or preventing potassium deficiency

sulfate of potash has sulphur along with potassium, which is necessary for plant growth

sulfate of potash helps the plant to transport food and nutrients within plant.

sulfate of potash is free from harmful salts like chlorides.

sulfate of potash helps to improve quality of produce of vegetables & field crops

sop helps to increase shelf life of vegetables & fruits

pack size 25 kg

the sop 0-0-50+18s,granular,25kg fmc sulfate of potash is a product of fmc. the category is fertilizers and subcategory is basic fertilizers


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