1) Usable Nozzle Diameter Range (14mm – 24mm)
2) Water Consumption Range (14,8m3/h – 61m3/h)
3) Shooting Radius Range (29meter – 50meter)
4) Body Angle (25°)



Highly efficient sprinkler rotating in a full-circle or in the range of angle settings you make when required, medium and high pressure (2.0 – 7 bar) and equipped with transmission. With its replaceable nozzles and moving water-breaking system, it enables you to irrigate your field with an excellent and uniform water distribution. It rotates by full-circle and semi-circle at same speed. Thanks to its biggest nozzle of 24mm, it discharges 61 tons of water. As it is, it is a versatile version of our rainguns. It is widely used for fields of corn, sugar beet, potato, alfalfa, wheat, sunflower, etc. It is suitable for any use, agricultural or industrial. It is best-seller professional version we manufacture.


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