PH Meter for Liquids




Upgraded pen type LCD Digital PH Meter Automatic calibration ph tester 0.00-14.00 for Aquarium Pool Water Wine Urine

1. It is designed for export, no power, you can measure the soil PH degree.
2. Easy to use.
3. Good quality.
4.the probe body with a telephone cord connection, pulled up to about 1 meter,
reading and more convenient.
5.the body belt clip and probe socket, easy to carry and flow measurement technicians.
Dimensions: 11 * 6 * 3CM
Probe length: 16cm
Instructions for use:
Measured soil PH value, the first probe as deeply into the earth, leaving the upper part of
the probe about 1 cm.
Note that when using plug electrode must not touch the stone, do not use too much force,
otherwise easily damage electrodes clean the electrode after use.
Soil pH
Soil pH, also known as “soil reaction.” It is the soil solution of the acid-base reaction.
Mainly depends on the concentration of hydrogen ions in the soil solution at pH values. pH of
the solution is equal to 7 neutral solution; pH of less than 7, the acid reaction; pH value greater
than 7 is alkaline reaction. Soil pH can generally be divided into the following levels:
pH of soil pH
<4.5 strong acidic
4.5-5.5 strongly acidic
5.5-6.5 Acid
6.5-7.5 neutral
7.5-8.5 Alkaline
8.5-9.5 strongly alkaline
> 9.5 strong alkaline
Soil pH on soil fertility and a great influence on plant growth, China\’s northwest, north many
soil pH value, pH value of small red soil. Therefore can be grown and adapted to soil pH and
plant crops. Such as acid red soil area planted hi tea, and strong alkali such as alfalfa. Soil pH
effects on nutrient availability is also great, such as neutral soil phosphorus availability large;
alkaline soil trace elements (manganese, copper, zinc, etc.) effectiveness is poor. In agricultural
production should be noted that the pH of the soil, and actively take measures to adjust.
Common crop optimum soil pH range is how much?
Soil pH on plant nutrient availability, soil structural and crop growth have a great relationship.
First, soil organic state by microbial nutrients to participate in activities in order to make it
into nutrients for plant uptake of available state, while the majority of microorganisms involved
in decomposition of organic matter in the near-neutral growth environment, so the effective soil
nutrient in general close to neutral reaction is the best. Secondly, structural soil pH also affects
the soil. Acidic soil, the hydrogen ion concentration, easy to colloids leaching out calcium
substitution, it is easy to acidic soil compaction. The substitution of the alkaline soil contains
large amounts of sodium ions and hydroxide ions, so that soil particles dispersed, dry compaction,
resulting in poor structural earth. In addition, soil pH and plant growth also has a very close
relationship. In nature, some plants on soil pH conditions demanding that they can only be in a
particular pH range grow, these plants from the soil pH can be indicative that, so called
indicator plants. Such as azalea only grow in acidic soils, known acidic soil indicator plants;
Kashiwagi is calcareous soil indicator plants, and salsa is an alkaline earth indicator plants.
Different cultivated plants have different optimum growth pH range (see table below),
knowing their respective optimal growth range, we can according to local conditions based on soil
pH, choose the right crops; or according to crop, adjust the soil pH to the proper range.


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