Oberon Speed 100ML


Pack Size: 100ML

Active Ingredient: Spiromesifen 24SC




oberon spiromesifen24sc 100ml bayer crop science obiron obiran

oberon® sc 240

oberon®, a non-systemic foliar insecticide / acaricide belongs to a chemical class developed by bayer: ketoenols. due to this innovative “ketoenol technology,” oberon provides a new mode of action for whitefly and spider mite (tetranychus) control, and shows no cross-resistance to current acaricides and insecticides. oberon has a high level of long-lasting efficacy. yet, with its excellent environmental profile and friendliness to beneficial’s and pollinators, oberon fits with ipm programs.


excellent efficacy against eggs and larvae of the whitefly

adult female whitefly shows a significant decrease in fertility and in the number of eggs laid

whitefly highly resistant to conventional insecticides are not cross-resistant to oberon

all developmental stages of spidermites and adults (except males) are controlled.

oberon, the smart way to do your job

compatibility:consult the local label/distributor

how to apply: foliar application for vegetables use 600-800 lit /ha according to plant size

formulation: oberon® 240 sc is a suspension concentrate containing 240 g a.i. /l spiromesifen

mode of action:oberon® acts by contact activity and inhibiting lipid biosynthesis

especially triglycerides and free fatty acids. these make spiromesifen a valuable tool for

resistance management.distributor:may tradewho classification:product: slightly hazardous


recommendations and rates of use


crop pest/weeds/malady dose phi

cucurbits spider mite 40 – 75 ml / 100 l 3 days

fruiting vegetables spider mite

tomato rust mite 40 – 75 ml / 100 l

60 ml / 100 l 3 days

beans spider mite 500 – 600 ml / ha 7 days

strawberry spider mite 40 – 58 ml / 100 l 3 days

ornamentals spider mite 42 – 58 ml / 100 l –


the oberon spiromesifen24sc 100ml bayer crop science is a product of bayer. the category is pesticides and subcategory is insecticides


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