1) Usable Nozzle Diameter Range: (5 mm – 6,5 mm)
2) Water Consumption Range: (1,3 m3/h – 3,3 m3/h)
3) Shooting Radius Range: (14meter – 20meter)
4) Body Angle: (23°)



Highly efficient sprinkler rotating in full circle or partial circle, impact-type, operating at low and medium pressure (1.5 – 4 atm) Thanks to replaceable sprinkler nozzles and single-hole water outlet, it ensures you to irrigate your field with minimum water and excellent uniform water distribution. You may use it for irrigation of any kind of field crops and vegetables. With body angle of 23o, it shows high performance under windy conditions. It has quick-connect nozzle construction. It may also be used for industrial applications, e.g. at the road edges mines, construction sites and for dust suppression. It is made of 100% original raw material and it is not affected by adverse effects of medium-degree chemicals and sun due to the special additives it contains


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