1) Usable Nozzle Diameter Range: (5mm – 6,5mm)
2) Water Consumption Range (2m3/h – 4,5m3/h)
3) Shooting Radius Range (14 meters – 18.1 meters)
4) Body Angle (22° – 27°)



A new and licensed version Yüzüak Makina developed as a result of its R&D activities lasted 2 years. Thanks to its special body construction, it has two different water spray angle, i.e. 22 and 27 degrees. Furthermore, it has adjustable rotation speed. The sprinkler head is designed to operate with both body angles. Water outlet of 22o is recommended for windy conditions. In this way, it may spray the water at lower height, minimizing wind effect. At the sites subject to normal wind, you may use body angle of 27o for optimum irrigation. With the nozzle given together with and used as blind plug, you may also use the sprinkler head with single hole. As it is with all products of Yüzüak Makina, it is made of 100% original raw material and engineering plastics and professional additives are used to eliminate adverse effects of water and sun to serve for long years.


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