Coragen 50ml


Pack Size: 50ml



crop: cotton tomato cabbage/cauliflower okra apple melons barseem coragin


coragen® insect control powered by rynaxypyr® active does more to optimize the yields and quality of your crops by achieving consistent and long-lasting control of key pests. it stops insect feeding within minutes of application and provides up to three weeks of residual control when used at the high label rate against a broad spectrum of lepidopteran pests including armyworm, corn earworm, diamondback moth and leafminer larvae.

coragen insect control provides reliable and consistent control of a spectrum of major lepidoptera pests. it works rapidly to break the feeding cycle and delivers long-lasting residual that keeps pests away. a short re-entry interval of four hours and preharvest interval of one day means you can get back to work quickly.

coragen insect control has a minimal impact on pollinators and other beneficial insects* when used in accordance with the label, making it an ideal fit in integrated pest management (ipm) programs.

dose/acre: 50ml 80ml 50ml 10ml/100 low 50ml 50ml15ml/100 low 20ml/100low 100ml/100low50 ml

disease/pest: armyworm, sbw american bollworm fruit borer leaf minor dbm, armyworm sbw & abw codling moth helicoverpa leaf minor abw army fall worm corn crop


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