Antracol 1kg


Pack Size: 1kg



antracol 70%wp  propineb 70% 1kg bayer crop science

common name:
propineb 70%
formulation type:
wettable powder (wp)
chemical family:
propylen – dithiocarbamate
0.5 kg – 1 kg – 5 kg
mode of action:
inhibitors “multiste”
organic contact fungicide
remarkable action against alternaria
particularly effective preventive control
good adhesion to the plant
selective superior to other dithiocarbamate, particularly on young plants (tomato, onion…)
quantity per carton and per palet:
10 x 500 gr and 240 kg per pallet
10 x 1 kg and 360 kg per pallet
1 x 5 kg and 500 kg per pallet
who classification: iii/xn, n
dl 50 (oral) 3.708 mg/kg
dl 50 (dermal) > 5.000 mg/kg
phi: tomato: 7 days beans: 15 days
fruit trees: 30 days
packaging description:

re-use prohibited.
empty packages well and perforate them, burn them at a place far from your residence and animal stables or bury them in a 30cm hole at 50 m away from any water body or throw them in a landfill dump while complying with local regulations.


maximum volume of water: 200 to 300 l / ha. treat with an atomiser.
shake well before use. pour 1l of water into the equipment. add the required dose of antracol 70wp depending on the land area or number of trees to be treated and fill it with water until you obtain the desired level.


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