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Zarai Shop is designed to be a convenient source to produce, connect and promote agrochemicals, fertilizers and animal feeds through an online agricultural ecosystem accessible to everyone in Pakistan.

Our vision is to provide you an online space that emphasizes convenience and quality.

We hope you are as passionate about Agriculture in Pakistan as we are and welcome you to join us on this journey – please don’t hesitate to connect with us through any of our links. Alternatively, you can leave a message and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

How ZaraiShop Works:

• Producing the Right Products
• Promoting the Right Products
• Achieving the Right Results

Why Choose Us:

Behind ZaraiShop is a team of experienced Agrarians, engineers and business strategists with a wealth of knowledge in both Agriculture, e-commerce and the digital landscape as a whole. Our research and development mindset combined with market centric offerings, helps make farming profitable, accessible and convenient for everyone including farmers and land owners.


To offer a technology based ecosystem that makes farming inputs more affordable and accessible resulting in more profitable agriculture for farmers.

Core Values

At ZaraiShop, our Values are demonstrated through partnership and shared success:

• We operate with respect and dignity for customers and co-workers.
• We maintain open and honest relationships with all parties.
• We are self-motivated to pursue personal growth and learning.
• We provide the most reliable and accurate information accessible.

A Revolutionary e-commerce Platform for all your Agricultural needs

ZaraiShop exists solely to make the lives of everyone in the Agricultural sector easier. To that end, our e-commerce platform has been designed to make farming inputs much more accessible and affordable for farmers, while allowing producers and manufacturers to easily display their high quality products to their target cutomers.
Our technology enhanced platform aims to bring a fundamental change in the Agricultural industry by putting modern farming inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides, gardening tools, and state-of-the-art machinery and equipment in the hands of farmers all across Pakistan. We showcase only the highest quality agricultural inputs while keeping them affordable. With shipping all over Pakistan and various payment options, we are confident farmers all across the nation will find our platform a welcome change in the industry, both in terms of convenience and cost.

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